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 forever? promises? perfect?
I just realize that nothing is forever. 'forever' only exist on dictionary but it doesn't exist in our life. people always made promises. I mean, fake promises :) I wonder. do promises really meant to be broken? why does promises exist if people can't keep their promises? there is a saying that promises are made to be broken and lies are meant to be kept. yeap. it's true. don't make promises if you can't keep them. it will only hurts someone feelings :) and how about perfect? well nothing is perfect. nobody is perfect. I'm not perfect. you are not perfect. so we don't have the right to judge someone's life. everyone makes mistakes. everyone has their own story. and never compare yourself or others to other people. because everyone has their own struggles, own fights, and a different path that they chose to get to where they are.

"forever? promises? perfect?" was Posted On: Tuesday, 2 July 2013 @3:08 am | 0 lovely comments

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