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 its time to MOVE ON :)
hancur! semua hancur. ternyata bahagia yang saya rasa cuma sementara :) its okey then. kau sudah move on. now its time for me to move on like you did. senangnya kau kasi lupa saya kan? sokey. kita anggap seja macam kita tidak pernah ada apa-apa hubungan sebelum ini. yaa it is hard to accept the fact that you're dating with someone else now but what can I do? I'm not God. I can't change what had happened and I can't force someone to love me :) it's true that 'people change, memories stay'. because you leave me like I'm worthless and the memories stay. stay in our heart and mind. lol damn. my heart breaks a little when I saw your picture with your new GF on facebook. I don't know how to describe my feelings but it really hurts. only God knows how I felt that day. saya message kau untuk kali terakhir and terus kasi patah sim saya :') seriously, itu kali pertama saya patahkan sim. sebelum ini tidak pernah saya patahkan sim saya sebab saya tidak sampai hati, tapi entah kenapa hari tu saya nekad untuk patahkan sim saya yang telah bertahun-tahun saya guna. now, I try to forget you and I hope I can :) how I wish forgetting someone and something is as easy as abc. it is true that sometimes we must fight for our love and yeah, I'm tired already. it's always been me. saya yang selalu berjuang untuk hubungan kita dan saya yang selalu mempertahankan hubungan 'kita'. now, I'm letting you go. No. I'm not giving up but you are the one who didn't fight for 'us' and you choose her over me. remember? the day you choose to leave me is the day I started a new life. I'm moving on with my life and looking forward for something and someone. I hope you make a good choices and I hope she's good enough for you. I hope she can take care of you and love you like I did. please boy, learn how to be faithful and learn how to be honest. past is past & an EX will always be an EX :) nothing would change that. I will always pray for your happiness, ex-boyfriend :) may God bless both of you and may your relationship with her will last longer till forever. 

"its time to MOVE ON :)" was Posted On: Friday, 28 June 2013 @10:48 am | 0 lovely comments

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