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 You are just somebody that I USED to know :')

so yeah, you're just somebody that I used to know. that I used to called as 'mine'. now, its over. you and me, its over :) this is so sad. you know what? i'm sick of being sad. i'm sick of being hurt. it sucks. it really sucks.  do you know that you're playing with my feelings? i love you okey i love you so much. but, why?! why did you do this to me?  everyday i asked myself what the hell i did to be treated like this? i know we didn't meet for almost 8 months but hey, don't you remember your promises? pernah saya tanya kau dulu kan? saya tanya kau sanggup kah tunggu saya? then apa kau cakap? kau cakap "yaa baby. b tunggu baby sampai bila-bila." but now? you forget your promises isn't? this is why i hate when people promise me something they can't keep. because it makes me expect too much. too much okey too much. and you know what boy? expectation just ruins everything. image  i did everything, everything, to make you love me. but i failed. i know i'm not good enough for you or maybe pretty enough. apik, saya sudah cuba buat yang terbaik. saya sudah cuba tapi still, semua tu tidak cukup untuk kau and semua tu tidak membawa erti apa pun untuk kau. imagei know i'm not supposed to fall so hard and you're not supposed to mean this much to me. but you know what? i did and that's the truth. that's what keeps me holding on because it hurts like hell to let you go. i want you back. no, i want 'us' back. i want that feelings back. i miss everything about us. about you. please, please come back to me. i love you, i always didimage

"You are just somebody that I USED to know :')" was Posted On: Thursday, 1 August 2013 @4:05 am | 0 lovely comments

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